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Where can i see operating instructions / help / manual ?

Manual is available here:

A splash screen is displayed at first start, displaying available gestures. You can also see it in Preferences > Show instructions

BSPlayer FREE does not display all characters in subtitles correctly, what is wrong?

If you are seeing incorrectly displayed characters in subtitles, go to Preferences>Subtitle encoding and select appropriate encoding for your language. You can find the right encoding (codepage) from the following list: .

BSPlayer displays subtitles in wrong languages, how to fix this?

Your subtitle language is set to incorrect one. Go to Preferences > Online subtitles > Select subtitle language and select languages in which the subs should be.

When playing any video file type the green audio line is shown across the screen. Is that an error from your recent update or is that a preference setting? If its a preference setting how do I shut it off? I keep seeing a green line in the middle of the screen. It moves with the sound. How do i remove it?

Green line is a VU audio meter which can be enabled or disabled in Preferences>Playback settings>Visualization for Audio and Video separately.

How to make screenshots in movie player by bs Player? Sometimes it shows up and I can make a screenshot and sometimes not and I don't what conditions I must fulfill to make a screenshot?

You can create screenshots of the video ONLY while the player is using software decoding mode (SW); while in hardware decoding mode, screenshots cannot be created. To switch decoding mode go to Preferences > Decoding mode > select Software decoding mode and create the screenshots.

How can I save the video playlist that I created so that it will still be available after I shutdown and restart?

Go to Library tab, tap on button Menu, then Add new Play List and add files to this PL.

When playing movie from my android device to a secondary display (TV) through a HDMI cable, subtitles are not displayed. They appear in the cellphone screen, but not on the TV.

This is Android issue. On most devices it does not work = displays subtitles on secondary screen. Only workaround at the moment is to use software video decoding (SW).

How does one restrict BSPLAYER to video playback only?

Go to BSPlayer's Preferences and remove all audio extensions.