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New in build 131:

- basic YouTube support - Open URL and enter youtube address to play. After playback, URL will be added to Recently played list. Prefered quality can be set in Network/Streaming Preferences
- pop up video window and background playback - long tap on Back to open popup video window, double tap on popup to go back. To always enable popup Preferences>Playback>Background playback>select Audio and video files - pop up video. Selecting only Audio and video files will playback only sound in background
- media scanner - scans for all media files on SD card. Can be disabled in General Preferences>Auto scan for media files
- lock screen option - taping the lock icon will lock/unlock screen
- more setting orientation options in General>Screen orientation
- network buffering with customizable buffer size, lower buffer will load faster, but may not be enough to keep playback smooth. Small buffer is 1-3MB, medium 9-10MB and large 15-18MB.
- high performance wifi mode - if needed, enable this option to improve streaming over WiFi, uses more battery
- auto detect subtitle encoding - if detections fails set subtitle encoding manually in Preferences>Subtitles>Encoding
- external keyboard support (for buttons Play, Pause, Volume Up and Down)
- set audio offset - Manually adjust audio delay, useful for Bluetooth devices
- clear history in Preferences>Other
- set playback speed from 50 - 200%
- turn off subs
- m3u playlist works from file manager
- customizable gestures and keys
- sort by name, size, date
- LAN folder can be startup folder
- subtitle loading from SMB shares
- custom video aspect ratios